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Entry #2

School's out!

2010-06-17 16:20:54 by SMBZ096

So summer vacation is here and I'll be starting my new series: Super Smash Bros. Clash!


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2010-06-17 16:30:58

I think someone is making a game with that name...but i don't really care. what's it about? i can probably help with the spriting. i have a TON of sprites.

SMBZ096 responds:

It's about master hand and crazy hand gathering a bunch of villains like bowser or Dedede to defeat their enemies and rule the world! There are also characters outside of the smash bros series! And plus the only sprites I need are for Pokemon Trainer and his pokemon and Pichu.


2010-06-17 20:15:58

i could get those.


2010-06-28 10:28:51

don't use spwites :Z


2011-01-13 08:12:34

yo!you're on my fav artists list!i loved cyclone vs roshi!when's SMBC coming out?


2011-02-01 15:08:55

OH! sry, i meant ssbc, yea, sry.


2011-07-08 19:49:40

So what'cha waitin' for!!! It's been a year! A YEAR!!!!!!!